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The joys of a beautiful clean and fresh kitchen - you can't beat it !

The perfect bouquet for kitchen cleaning with basil and blackberry, muddled with orange, peach and mint using the fabulous knitted cloths and the copper cloths the kitchen will be looking fabulous before they know it. Please specify at the check-out Petal or Teal cloth colour ways.

This Gift-box contains - 

*Juniper Berry & Mint Fragranced Surface Spray is made from a plant based formulation, meaning it cleans surfaces without the use of any harsh ingredients. Giving an immediate fragrance, this surface spray will remove those uninvited kitchen odours. Vegan friendly and rid of any nasties. 450ml bottle.

*Juniper Berry & Mint Fragranced Dish Soap is made from a plant based formulation, using no harsh ingredients, meaning it cleans dishes and is gentler on the skin. Vegan friendly and rid of any nasties. 550ml bottle.

*Fragranced Hand Wash uses the best botanical bases, meaning it is gentler on the skin. Vegan friendly, it is free from Parabens, Propylene Glycol and Silicone. This perfect on counter hand wash will keep your hands nourished during kitchen prep. 450ml bottle.

*Knitted washcloths made from 100% cotton available in a set of 3 tones. Perfect for using in the kitchen, as an alternative to a face cloth or for babies. Each cloth measures approx 27cm x 27cm.

*These knitted hand towels made from 100% soft cotton are perfect for using in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Each hand towel measures approximately 45cm x 65cm. Matches perfectly with our Lavette washers.

* Copper Cleaning Cloths - Pk of 3 - These Copper Cloths are part of the Città Essentials collection, timeless staples for everyday living. 15x14cm. Non-abrasive copper is great at cleaning pots; pans; sinks; ovens; ceramic cooktops; glass; stainless steel and more; cleans thoroughly without scratching. MACHINE WASHABLE: The two-ply material is machine-washable in warm water at a max of 60∞C

Packaged with care in a Two Roads Gift Box with a hand written card.



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