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    Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Two Roads Gift Box Co. was created on the belief that kindness through giving is essential for the wellbeing of the soul.

The products and design of our gift boxes capture the goodness that New Zealand and the world has to offer. When we create beautiful things we are sharing kindness and promoting good health through gratitude and the coming together of people.

At Two Roads Gift Box Co we want to fulfil a passion for all things beautiful utilising quality products to curate premium gifts for businesses and individuals alike.

There is nothing more gratifying then bringing together a collection of gorgeous products in a beautiful gift box and taking them on the next journey by delivering to the lucky recipient to enjoy.

Two Roads Gift Box Co. is committed to providing a down-to-earth, approachable, convenient gifting experience with integrity and of course kindness. This is a gift box company that is committed to quality and the ultimate goal being, those who give a Two Roads gift box have an overwhelming feeling of happiness, just like the recipient who receives the gift!

There are plenty of options for everyone but the quality remains. Because when giving does such good for the soul, who wouldn’t want to give the very best?